Getting your marriage green card shouldn’t feel intimidating.


Is this you?
U.S. Citizen + Immigrant = Dating or Married
If so, you’re in the right place! 
Hi! I'm Zulma. I help couples get their marriage green cards approved inside of the United States. 
My Immigration Course From Marriage to Green Card: Filing Formula will open doors only from January 16 - 23, 2024.
I hope to meet you soon!

Hello Success:

Being able to work legally and having a social security number in this country is a must. It gets you a better job and more money to support your family. It means success! A work permit and social security number application should always be a part of your adjustment application. I want you to get them both asap.

Hello Freedom:

Having a driver’s license is life-changing. Being able to drive freely to work, to school, to take your children to the doctor is indispensable. Having the peace of mind of driving with a valid license is priceless. Say goodbye to fearing getting caught by the police without one.

Hello Family:

Right now, the idea of traveling back home might not be a priority. But having a travel permit to visit your family while your adjustment is still pending can make a world of difference. I always recommend applying for a travel document in case you have the need to visit a loved one back home.

Why I Do This?

Getting your marriage green card shouldn’t be out of your reach. You shouldn't do it alone either. My wish for you is to do things right the first time and to avoid making mistakes that can cost you your precious time and money. 


I created the Immigration Course Marriage to Green Card: Filing Formula for it to be your most valuable resource when preparing and filing your adjustment of status application. Doors Open only from January 16 - 23, 2024. 

I believe in creating a better world

one marriage green card at a time.

Getting a green card changes the trajectory of families and their future generations. I know that when an immigrant gets their green card, families prosper, children get ahead, communities grow, and our country becomes a better place. It would give me great joy to be a part of this special journey with you. - Zulma